We strive to give every hunter the best experience possible. Here are a few of our reviews.
Will January 2020 - I've been on several aoudad hunts with Matt. Awesome properties and tons of animals. Always a great time! Looking forward to the next year!

Ben December 2019 - In 4 days we saw over 600 sheep and out put 2 rams in the record books. This is a true mountain hunt in every sense, and should be on everyone's bucket list. We are looking forward to hunting with Desert Aoudad Hunts again in the future.

Chris October 2019 - If any of you guys are on the fence about a free range aoudad hunt make no mistake these guys can get you an opportunity at a trophy!! Matt Cousins thank you for a great trip!!!

Coopy September 2019 - Couldn't have asked for a better trip. If you're looking for a great hunt and a good  opportunity to kill a big aoudad you're looking at the right place to go. Thanks again Matt Cousins!!

Jack March 2019 - You won't find harder working guys to get you on animals. Thanks again. Hunt of a lifetime.

Rick February 2019 - What a great hunt!!! Never thought we would see so many Aoudad. Our guides did a great job getting us on animals and especially getting my son a trophy Aoudad. What a great time to be in Texas hunting while all our friends shoveled snow and dreamed of next years hunts.
Your prices are great. The food we ate and the scenery we saw there are fantastic!!! Hope to do it again.

Robby S. November 2018 - I really enjoyed hunting with your guide and look forward to hunting with your outfit in the future. Thanks again for running an honest business.

Casey H. November 2018 - Matt has some of the best ranches to hunt free range Aoudad. He offers
hunts at a very affordable price and if highly recommend this hunt to anyone!!

Skylar M. September 2018 - Great open country, target rich environment, and coupled with awesome
guide service! This is the place you want to go for free range west
Texas Desert Aoudad hunting.

Cale S. May 2018 - Hunted with Matt several times. He always works hard to help you be successful. We killed 4 rams in 2 days on our hunt!!!

Isidro A. March 2018 - Great trustful guides and the pics speak for themselves. Results,
Results, Results!!! Can't get any better. Beautiful Country out there.